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About MSG

My Sauce Good (MSG) is a tasty Sydney-based group with soulful film-noir-esque female vocals, groovy percussion & gritty guitar-driven sounds. 

The repertoire is an international sound - a mix of originals and a handful of cool covers, 1960’s Gainsbourg boogie meets soulful torch song ballads and a hint of new-wave/punk weirdness. 

Expect to hear French, Spanish and English from exceptional multilingual chanteuse Laura Brozky fronting this intriguing group.

… "I feel like I could easily be in a European café or some dimly lit bar listening to some amazing cabaret/jazz artists, the way Brozky’s smoky vocals fill up the band room. Dirk Kruithof is impressive on guitar, but it’d be impossible to put any of these musicians’ talent above each other – they work well as a unit, pieces of a great bohemian-esque puzzle that lock in excellently.” (Sosefina Fuamoli, AU Review)

"smooth smoky burlesque sounds"

                                                             - TheMusic

"making their mark with their combination of soulful vocals, grooving melodies and musical openess"

                                                             - BMA Magazine